Multi-use high adherence enamel. 502033 White 102

Odourless, Execellent anchorage (even directly onto galvanized surfaces), Does not turn yellow, Breathable. Suitable for Wood and Iron.

Reaction to fire in accordance to all Euroclasses.

Satin Montonature Water based Enamel

    • Exterior Interior
    • Brick walls or other materials that tend to leave marks or stains when painted
    • Stone
    • PVC and plastic (carry out adhesion test)
    • Previously primed metal: iron, steel, galvanized, aluminum, copper ...
    • Work surfaces: plaster, cement, brick, plasterboard ...
    • Construction site
    • Cement mortar
    • Solid Wood and Veneer
    • Universal use: valid to combine with the same finish on a multitude of supports.
    • Ideal for smooth finishes with the highest demands on walls and ceilings. Also for carpentry in general, furniture, doors, pipes, radiators ...
    • Bases: White, IN, TRBlanco102. Montonature chart colors. Montomix and Colora tinting systems. Tinted with Montotinte maximum 5%