Top quality water-based acrylic enamel. Multi-stick, for the decoration and protection of a multitude of substrates: construction site, metal, wood, copper, galvanized, PVC, ...

Gloss Montonatur Eater Based Enamel

    • Exterior Interior
    • Brick walls or other materials that tend to leave marks or stains when painted
    • Stone
    • Pre-primed metal
    • PVC and plastic (carry out adhesion test)
    • Work surfaces: plaster, cement, brick, plasterboard ...
    • Cement mortar
    • Solid Wood and Veneer
    • Universal use: valid to combine with the same finish on a multitude of supports.
    • Ideal for smooth finishes with the highest demands on walls and ceilings. Also for carpentry in general, furniture, doors, pipes, radiators ...


    • Brush
    • Roller
    • Air less gun
    • Air mix gun
    • Airbrush gun
    • Low pressure turbo

    Yield per hand

    12.00 - 14.00 m2 / L