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External painting season ends with Painter4aday.

With Covid-19 it has been a strange time for painting in Ireland, however with social distancing most painting contractors had a very mixed summer with changes in weather and lock downs decorating has been challenging.

From 3 bed semi detached properties to one of builds, we have chosen this property to discuss in today's blog. I will give you an insight to how these properties were painted and the materials used.

This large family residence situated in North Fingal was not painted in many years and as you can see it was very ill.

From the start it need many hour of hard scraping, power washing and masonry repairs. Painter4aday set out with the usual rule of 80% prep-work and it paid dividends as so much work was needed here.

After many hours of prep-work when the property was paint ready, Painter4aday applied the Sandtex Stabilising Solution to all masonry, window sills and ravels to give a fully sealed in property and a sound base for the finishing Sandtex Smooth Masonry paint in Antique White. Painter4aday only recommends the best in external paint for any property and with Painter4aday's long running relationship with Crown Paints they offer a full guarantee on all products and craftsmanship to all customers.

After the Sandtex Stabilising Solution was dry which takes a full 24 hours a new fresh look started with the first coat of Sandtex Smooth Masonry Paint this would get two full coats of paint to ensure the property was fully covered and protected. Once all dry Painter4aday repainted the fascia and soffit with Crown Paints Oil based Gloss for external use to really make this pop out on this property.

To complete this property Painter4aday painted the plinth in a matching White Sandtex Smooth Masonry Paint to blend in with window sills. It to a total of 10 days to complete this property between masonry repairs filling and prepping overall every property has its challenges and as every decorator knows each home is different.

All done and this property looks really smashing and weather proof for many years to come with Sandtex Smooth Masonry.

As you travel up this sweeping driveway you are now greeted by a fresh happy and invigorating property that looks out upon the surrounding farm land ready for the next generation to enjoy.

If you require a quotation by Painter4aday cilck the link bellow and if you would like to buy Sandtex Smooth Masonry you can do this by visiting the painter4aday paint shop now open.

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