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How We Work

Your Quotation From Painter4aday

Once we have arranged an appointment with you, we will arrive at your property and discuss your requirements.  When we have a full understanding of what you need we will then carry out the following.

  • Take detailed measurements in each room 

  • Make a full inspection of each room to appraise the condition of walls, ceilings, woodwork etc.

  • Look for mould or dampness

  • Does wallpaper need to be removed?

  • See if window dressings curtains/blinds are present 

  • Note if wooden floor or carpet is present

We will then input this information into our pricing calculator which will give a full breakdown of your price.

Your quotation will display cost and the quantity of paint required.

If you wish to amend your quotation we will be happy to revise it and reissue you with a new one.

Scope of Works

After you have accepted your quotation this will form your Scope of Works. This will list all work to be carried out in each room and clearly state to your painter the following;-

  • All areas to be painted in each room

  • Any additional work to be carried out

  • If wallpaper has to be striped off walls

  • Repair work such as ceilings, water stains etc

  • Additional days or hours for repair work

  • Any other information regarding your quote

Our painters will only follow the scope of works related to your contract.  If any other additional work is required you must contact painter4aday and we will amend your contract accordingly, as this may have a cost impact on your contract.

Your Contract

Your contract is your agreement between us as a company and you as a customer. This is to protect both parties and is a legally binding agreement.  Your contract also provides important information about the following:

  • How much your booking deposit is

  • How much your final payment is

  • Completion Certificate

  • Our cancelation policy

  • Our refund policy

  • Types of payments accepted

  • Invoicing and receipts

  • Vat     

  • Insurance

  • Disputes

  • At anytime you can ask to see a copy of our current terms and conditions and customer contracts

You will receive a copy of each document that relates to you and your property.  We reserve the right to retain copies on our CRM system and do not share this information with any third party. Where card payments are made we do not have any access to the online purchasing systems.  Stripe are a fully secure and guaranteed payment processing company regulated by financial regulators around the world.


We will issue you with a deposit request, this is value based on the size of your quotation . We will request the final payment on the same day that your completion certificate is signed. We only accept the following payment methods.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

  • Debit Card

  • Credit Card

  • Bankers Draft

We do not accept by payments by cash.

We do not accept personal cheques.

We do not give any other terms of payment, all final payments must be made on completion of your project.


We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and stand over every brush stroke.  Our painters will walk you through your project prior to you signing your completion certificate, this is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the quality of our work and we will remain onsite until we reach that point of excellence.

Our paint partner and their paint suppliers will guarantee their products and will provide customer care support. It is our aim to provide the best quality care and customer service.  We aim to provide a consistent service and quality and we only guarantee paint products purchased through our partner.  Paint provided by the customer can not be guaranteed and may have a cost implication on the project.


We are a fully insured company with full Public Liability Insurance up to 6.5 million euro, our policy documents are available on request. Our policy is underwritten by Lloyds of London and we are insured for the following limits;

  • Maximum working height 22 meters.

  • The use of Height Access equipment either internally or externally.

  • Public liability up to 6.5 million euro.

  • The loss or damage of private property where our painters or agents operate under contract.

Tax Affairs is a Trading name of Tiny Bird Services Limited

Our Registered Number           AVAILABLE ON REQUEST


Our Company Tax Clearance Certificate C2  AVAILABLE ON REQUEST 

Tiny Bird Services Limited T/A

Office 204 Level 2


Old Airport Road


Dublin 9

D09 HP96

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